etch a sketch your life

etch a sketch your life

Remember as a kid you would draw out something on an etch a sketch and if you didn’t like it you would shake it like crazy to erase it quickly?  I think sometimes we get shook up in life and forget the lessons we’ve learned or commitments we’ve made to the people we care about.  Don’t you ever wish you could just erase your situation and start over?  Why don’t you?

I’m going to challenge you to look at areas of your life and see what parts of your life you’d like to erase and start over or preserve, learn and move on.  It’s funny when I talk to people going through challenging times that don’t want to do anything to change their situation but they play the lottery hoping to win mega millions…good luck with that.

Don’t wait until life really shakes you up with something tragic to make a positive change, which is what most people do, make it happen this week.

Jeremy C. Jones
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