Part one we covered the differences in the reach of each of the big 3 social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  The ways we can extend the reach and life of our message, today we’ll cover how to apply it.

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Now that you have a general understand of how people “connect” on the social networks how do you extend the life and reach of what you post.  In this post I’ll only cover Google plus.

This is part two, Be sure to read part one here

Let’s cover the practical steps in extending the life and reach of your social network updates for improving your marketing efforts.

Extend the “Life” of your post, extending the time in which your post will be seen with #hashtags.  There is really no way to say an exact life of how long your post will be seen because anyone can search for the hashtag later and when searching it filters all the other public posts.  For marketing, find hot topics and find a way to tie your target market to trending #hashtag topics.  If they are not closely related it will be seen as a “gimic”, so do it with good discernment.

Extend the “Reach” of your status updates by using google plus to add a location to your public post.  This will allow you to have the potential to connect with new people based purely on your location.  Remember Google Plus is an “interest” network.  Imagine if I’m from Phoenix and you are from Phoenix and we don’t know each other, but we meet in San Diego and discover we are both living in the same neighborhood.  This creates develops rapport quickly and we can do this with our status updates based on location.

Let’s say you want to connect with business people in San Diego and you visit there for the holidays next week.  I would be tagging several public posts asking questions about the local area with appropriate #hashtags.  If you drive by a chamber of commerce post an update with the location set for the chamber of commerce and post the question:

“Have you ever been a member with a chamber?  like or disliked it? #smallbusiness #networking”

The post would include that location.  Within the Google Plus mobile app it allows you to show a stream of “Nearby” status updates.  So anyone within that location that looks for others posting “Nearby” would discover that post, also anyone who clicks on #networking in ANY post would get a search for networking and could potentially discover your update.

Next, I would look at “Nearby” public posts in that area, look for posts that appear to be from business people and engage in conversations with several of them.  Asking questions and even adding them to a new circle called, “San Diego Professionals”, or whatever the category of people you’re making an effort to connect with.  They may check out who you are by looking at your posts and see you asking a question about the chamber and prompt them to reply or find common interests.

This allows you to start conversations and connect with people outside your network.  When you increase your network you increase your value.  It’s important to keep in mind as your network grows your net-worth grows also.  This of the most successful people you know, doesn’t it seem like they know everyone?

You can add more value to yourself and your network by getting more connected.

“As your Network grows your Net-Worth grows” –click to tweet  

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