facebook buys Instagram


27 Million registered users on iPhone alone.  They just released the Android app and I’m sure the numbers are climbing fast from there because of the buzz iphone has created with this app.Instagram was just acquired by Facebook by a staggering $1 billion dollars, but why?

Can’t they make their own software to edit photos with filters directly on facebook?  Here is why [in my opinion]

Zucks doesn’t care about photo filters

Lots of confusion around this acquisiton of Instagram by Facebook, I have see every headline from “huh, instagram?” to “what is facebook thinking?” Many wonder why Facebook can’t just create a way to add filters to their photos.

why people are so attracted to Instagram

A picture worth a 1000 words, 27 million users is worth $1 Billion

One thing people forget about facebook is that they are big into community building, groups came out to help people gather into community, building social networks.  It’s very attractive to Facebook when there are 27 million users

A New Filter…

 Start to think about your market as to building a community.If you had a community with all the same general needs, basically your target market any time you had a special offer or put on a webinar you would get a response, almost immediately.If you don’t fill any specific needs and you are not talking to anyone specific, you can expect poor results.No one want’s to respond to a canned message that is aimed to anyone who wants to be sold.

Put a new filter on your marketing.  Imagine if you had an email list of 50,000 people that like photography and you put out an email for an app like Instagram, even if they charged $10 for it you can imaging the response you’d get.  If only 10% purchased it =5000 people and you earn $10 per purchase you made $50,000 in ONE DAY for sending an email.  Who is your target market?  What are they most interested in?

That’s the power of talking to people who know you care about what they are interested in.

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