Free Book

My friend Tom Trush just came out with a new book and he offered it
yesterday for FREE on Kindle, well he extended it to today and I wanted to let
you know because I got it and it’s really awesome!

From Tom:
Since just yesterday morning, the book has been downloaded 2,736 times off 

The activity caused The ‘You’ Effect to jump to #1 in the Direct Marketing and Advertising categories. In fact, out of all the free downloads on, the book is now at #88 (after starting yesterday at about 655,000).

Remember, your chance to get the FREE download of The “You” Effect for your Kindle (or other e-reader with a Kindle app) ends today at midnight. If you still enjoy holding books in your hands, also has the paperback version discounted at just $10.76.

Go to to learn about it and find it by
searching for “Tom Trush” on the kindle store.

Can you help me to get Tom to #1 on Amazon?

I really appreciate your support.

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