Have you ever had a really happy client and after asking them if they would write you a testimonial, they happily agree to send it to you tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes right?  How do you create urgency and get them to want to send it to you right away….here are two simple things you can do.



Sometimes great reviews and testimonials will just show up on Yelp or Google Places Local, but it’s important to also collect them pro-actively.  You will get outstanding testimonial notes almost every time you ask them to do just two things:


1- Ask For The Testimonial IN ADVANCE — Before customers / clients use your products or services, ask them this question: “If you are sufficiently impressed with this product, will you write me a testimonial note?” (They will in most cases say yes.)

2- Offer A REWARD — After they express their satisfaction with the results of the product or service, remind them of the note they promised to write – and offer them a special gift IF you receive their testimonial within the next 3 days.

I like also getting video testimonials and LinkedIn testimonials, because in both cases they can be verified as genuine testimonials.  See examples of mine here.  If you get a written testimonial you can scan it and type it out to show it was written by the person.

They WILL send you the written testimonial if you take a risk, get a commitment and ask.

Note: Make their gift something inexpensive, but something that will have high perceived value to them.

Having lots of testimonials will be one of the greatest things that can influence someone to become your client for the first time and attract them to you.

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