Have You Been Brandwashed?

Today we’ll discuss some ideas about branding.  Also, how to avoid The “Online Branding” Rat Race.

Rather than thinking you should keep up with the same branding campaigns as major corporations, instead focus on value-driven marketing.  Here is a quick diagram.


branding - Google Drive(1)


This is a topic covered in my new book about how to market your business with a blog, coming soon.

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  1. Love Lindstrom. One of my favorites. And it’s good to get back to the basics sometimes by remembering that your name and logo should take a backseat to a viable product.

    I think that stuff becomes important once you are competing in a very crowded market. Case in point: You mentioned the “social media guru/chieftain/expert” who touts awareness as a solution. But what’s funny about that is that the average “social media guru” really ought to ditch that title because that category is tainted… and that (what you call yourself) is a branding decision!

    Good to get a different perspective, Jeremy.

  2. hey great to get feedback from you @twitter-43373584:disqus . Yeah, the title they give does give way to how they position themselves. I don’t care how much someone knows about facebook PPC if they can’t tell me the needs of their target market.

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