Some have embraced Google Plus as a great way to get exposure of your business, engage with potential customers and bring in new cash flow, yet some see it as the heartbreak as another distraction or time-consuming social network. Today I’d like to give you some practical tips on how to almost guarantee you can get some traction on your Google Plus profile.

I’m going to assume for the purpose of this blog post that you have a blog, and you understand the idea I’ve been discussing of education based marketing from and the basics of Value Driven Marketing.  Putting value first to attract your ideal target market is a 180 degree change from chasing prospects, and it’s much more fun.

Most people stress out trying to come up with ideas to blog about, assuming they do know they should be putting value first so let’s break this down….

Gone Fishing

If you went fishing, would you go to a bait store, pick a bait that looks decent then go to a pond or lake and start plopping it in the water hoping to find the right fish you are looking for?

No, that strategy stinks….like rotten fish, it really stinks to be spinning your wheels like that.

Instead, you decide what type of fish you want to catch [your target market]

Learn about what they like to eat, being the bait [what their pains, wants and need are]

Then wave that bait in front of them, the ones that are serious enough about their pain will jump out of the water, into your boat.

That’s going from heartbreak to happiness on Google Plus.

Going 180 degree from push marketing, to pulling, influencing and attracting people to you.

Here is what you can try for your next blog post.

Visit Google plus and on the left menu bar you’ll see “what’s hot”


find anything that is considered a “hot topic” at the moment and ask yourself how you can relate that to what your target audience wants to know.

At the moment we are fast approaching Thanksgiving, as you can see #Thanksgiving something people are searching for and discussing right now.

Here’s an example…

If you do financial planning, your audience may want to know about “Tax Free Retirement Income”…this could lead you to writing a blog post about…
“The Thanksgiving Strategy To Saving For Retirement”

Now that you have your topic decide your “take away message”

Develop 3-5 bullet points that support that idea and you’ve got yourself a stellar blog post that would thrive in that “Hot Topic”.

Next publish your blog post with a great headline, share it on Google Plus and use a few appropriate Hot Topic tags so your post gets discovered.

Now your marketing on Google plus can look like you are a SMOOTHE OPERATOR

Not like this…


Click +1 if you see people that present themselves like that online LOL

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