How to Get a Video Testimonial


How to get new clients with video email

Train your clients on how to give a great video testimonial, here is an article that may help

How to Get a Video Testimonial


You already know that customer testimonials and “social proof” can be very powerful, and can go a long way in convincing your prospects to work with you. Written testimonials are great, but video testimonials are even more compelling. Seeing an “actual client” providing honest feedback on camera is far more engaging than a text-only testimonial.

Only problem is, your clients may not be familiar with how to create a video testimonial for you. Well, here are some simple instructions that you can give to your customers so they can record a quick video testimonial for you:

The easiest way to have your client record their video is with a computer and webcam. Keep it simple. They can even use their smart phone if it has video capabilities, or any kind of pocket cam like a Flip camera or a Kodak Playsport. Be sure to suggest that they talk directly into the camera and to speak clearly and loud enough to be heard. (If they’re using a webcam or smart phone, the microphone is in the camera – so they don’t want to stand too far away from the camera).

Ask your client to fire up their webcam and record a brief, 1 – 2 minute video describing their experience of working with you. You can give them the script outline below. Tell them not to worry too much about quality – this doesn’t need to be perfect, just authentic.

The quickest and most direct approach for a video testimonial is typically a “before/after” format. Your client can follow a simple process as follows:


1. Introduce yourself – Tell who you are and what you do

2. Explain your situation “before.” What was your challenge? What were you struggling with? What did you need? What kind of problem were you looking to solve?

3. After you worked with the coach or company, what were your results? Please be as specific as possible here. Give examples. What problem or challenge were you able to overcome with their help? Describe your experience and your outcomes.

4. Wrap up with a brief summary of your overall experience and recommendation.

5. You may one to close with one key, positive point or take-away from the experience.

That’s it! Then have your client send the video file to you, and you’ve got your testimonial! You can also ask your client to post the testimonial to YouTube for additional exposure and visibility. Be sure that you add your new video testimonial to your own website or blog, and that it doesn’t end up sitting on your hard drive. Repeat the process as necessary!

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Video recommendations from existing clients with strongly influence people to become your New Clients.

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