How To Get Your Best Prospects Chasing You

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

July 15, 2013

Have you ever felt like you’re chasing prospective customers around, following up with them over and over while you wait for them to make a decision?!  I used to feel that way all the time until I discovered a more effective system of marketing. This is not what top producers do and when I learned this from one of my mentors it totally changed how I view follow up, I’d like to share those ideas with you here.  

This follow up game is no fun…

This strategy by the way is for one on one communication with your potential customers but can be applied in all your marketing communication.  Unless of course you like to put yourself in the position of desperation, begging and pleading.  

When you start chasing them it’s like a cat chasing a mouse…and they keep running away.  I’m all about service to other people, but it’s not the posture you want to have as a top producer.  First let’s start with the correct thinking.  It doesn’t matter what you have or how long your company has in business, the only thing that matters is what the prospect needs and what the prospect wants.  

Wait…doesn’t that contradict, I’m trying to give them what they want right? One thing they don’t want is you following up with them every 48 hours for the rest of their life.  

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What do they really want?  

This is what my mentor taught me.  All people have 4 basic human needs.  We all want to Live fully, Love unconditionally, Contribute to a bigger cause and Grow personally.  Your target audience may have a need, challenge or problem and it may be easy to jump all over that and try to solve it.  On the surface that makes sense but they really want to solve that because one of the four human needs is not met.  What do I mean by that?  

Let’s say you’re a life coach and you help people to find their dream career.  If someone says they want to land a new job or career rather than just helping them on the actual search of a career it would be helpful to find out WHY they want to find their dream career.  It may seem obvious to us or we may know our reason, but it’s not their reason…

Start with the correct thinking 

Remember we start with the correct thinking, it’s not about our service it’s all about what the prospect wants.  Let’s assume they say they want to find their dream career so they can feel good about themselves during the holidays by telling their family about their new found career.  This tells you maybe they have not been Growing for the last few years, they have a feeling of that unmet need.   So, if they say I’m talking to a few other career coaching to see if I can find the right one, do you have a brochure you can give me or send me more information about how you find me a career?  

How to position yourself as the leader and set the stage

Instead of falling back into the follow up game;  you may say, “sure, go ahead and take your time.  I don’t have any extra info to send you, and you should make a decision to work with the right person.  I don’t know if we’d be a fit or not, but I don know of one thing for sure…we will be able to find you a new career you can grow into and feel proud about by the time Thanksgiving comes, but we can only work with so many people and we’ve got 26 other candidates we’re speaking with this week so the sooner you make a decision the better so we can get the search started and have you stabilized in your ideal career by Thanksgiving ok?”  

You can position yourself in same way when you think of creative ways with integrity to put yourself in the position of the leadership and not a hunter.  This is why Value Driven Marketing works so well, because it attracts people to you, and I lay the whole system out in my free report, “The Value Driven Marketing System”

Now, isn’t that more professional and make the prospect in an urgent rush to get back to you because of THEIR own reasons, not yours.  This is how you get people chasing you down rather than having to chase after them.

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Jeremy C. Jones, a proud military veteran, is also a family man and entrepreneur who lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona. His accomplishments include being a four-time #1 Best-Selling Author on Amazon, hosting the popular podcast “Ideas That Make an Impact,” establishing The Book District, and founding and serving as CEO at Jones Media Publishing.

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