how to keep clients for life

[box type=”shadow”] Why would you want to have a revolving door business when you can build on what you accomplished last month? [/box]

Keep adding value, investing into others, even when it seems ridiculous.  It’s better to invest in the relationships you have already developed with your current/previous clients than to start all over again.   I wanted to share an incredible story I heard yesterday with you.


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People say all the time, I wish I could just get in front of more people to sell my wigit, while they neglect those that have done business with them in the past.

I heard a story today of a man, we’ll call Kyle who had a wealthy friend,  Robert.  Kyle wasn’t poor, just not well off…let’s just say average.  Kyle would constantly tell his well off friend how much he was searching for new business, and times were so tough.

One day the wealthy man told his friend, who was a home builder, “I tell you what, I’ll give you $200,000 cash and you build a moderate size home for me”

Excited, he immediately took him up on the offer.  Robert, the wealthy and generous friend said, “I will make it even better for you, since I know you have access to all the supplies, you buy the supplies yourself and I’ll let you keep the remaining of the $200,000”.  His friend was thrilled to have a project to work on, and now he knew if he could save a lot of money he could make more as well.

Kyle went out to buy supplies and cut every corner he could to save money, but didn’t do it with his friend best interest in mind.  He bought crummy concrete, and half rotten wood, but after he did all the drywall and everything up the home looked amazing from the outside, however the integrity of the building itself was done poorly.  Kyle was still excited because after everything he was able to save $40,000 which according to his friend, he was entitled to keep.

Well, Kyle called his friend over to his newly build home and happily handed him the keys.  His wealthy friend took the keys, paused, and said, “You know, this home is really amazing, it looks so beautiful…however, I already have a beautiful home so I won’t really need this one”

Kyle, sort of shocked says, “what are you thinking, will you sell it?”   His friend slowly placed the keys back in Kyle’s hand and said back, “Really I just wanted to help you out because you didn’t have any work coming in and Kyle, you put so much hard work into this home I want you to have it”

As you can imagine, Kyle’s mouth dropped.  He now owned the home that looked good on the outside, but was built with poor materials and he’d have to spend far more than $40,000 in repairs down the road to repair the crummy foundation with cement that cracks, leaky plumbing, weak building materials, etc.

[box type=”shadow”] “Build your relationship foundations rock solid” [/box]

That story reminds me of how we should give people our very best, as if we are doing it for ourselves…give it everything you got today.

Connect with a friend or past client you haven’t spoke with in a while to say hello, don’t just call when you need something, build your relationship foundation rock solid.  If you treat people as individuals and respect them you’ll develop your clients and more importantly and strong network of relationships for life.

Have a great and safe Memorial day weekend.

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