No, you don’t need a high-tech smart phone to record an interview using your cell phone.

Actually, I have a smart phone to do my project 212 calls…but you don’t need one.

All you need is the ability to do a 3-way call.

Too many people are trying to be the be all end all expert and pretend like they know everything…I gave up on doing that and realize that we can’t be everything to everybody.How to record an interview on the phone

I’ve been getting a ton of positive feedback on my project 212 calls we’ve been doing, but many have been asking how I record the calls and how they can do the same for your blog.  If you haven’t heard past 212 calls, we’ve got some great people that are community leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in their field.

First off, I’m going to encourage you to take the spotlight off of you and highlight other people that have knowledge in other areas that will serve the audience of your blog.

Here is how to do it for your own blog, all you need is a phone that allows for a 3-way call, and most cell phone carriers include 3way calling free in your plan already.

Next, get a free account at

after you get your account set up they give you a conference call number and all the info you need

Ask the person you’d like to interview or feature on your blog if it would be ok to interview them on the phone for 10 minutes and ask them about [a topic they are interested in, and expert in or passionate about]
Be respectful of their time and schedule a time that works for both of you.

Before you interview them, be sure to practice with someone to be sure you can do this so you don’t waste their time in fumbling around, this process can be very fast and efficient in recording an interview.

Call the person you are interviewing first

On your phone, there should be an option to Add A New Call

Call into your conference call number, enter your admin code, press *9 to record, press 1 to confirm

Next you want to add this call to a 3way call [ask your cell phone company how to do this if you have a challenge]
on my phone it’s very easy, I have a button right on the dialer that says “conference call”

You are now connected with the person you are interviewing and as you talk the call will be recorded.  When you are done simply hang up and will email you that your recording is ready.  Log back in and you can download an mp3 file to use.

That’s it!

Wasn’t that easy?

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Jeremy C. Jones
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