Yesterday I attended a workshop where one topic was using Google+ for business.   Many people have not yet been convinced it’s worth their time, why would I spend my time on yet another social network?

I was thinking the same thing, in addition, Google plus doesn’t have near the amount of users as Facebook, so it makes sense to get new customers go where the people are right?  I’d like to share a few ideas with you on why you may want to take a serious look at G+

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The workshop I attended was at Social Media AZ or #SMAZ if you want to search the conversation on Twitter and it was a great presentation by Matt O’Brian, founder of Mint Social.  Check them out…he did a great job and obviously knows what he’s talking about.

Here is a great blog post by Mint Social on using Google Plus.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Google products. I was able to be a beta tester for the chromebook before anyone knew about it, I applied for it as a business owner and without notice a few weeks later there was a strange unmarked box on my door step. I new chromebook with only a notice that says please use and send us about bugs and feedback so we can improve this chromebook technology, signed Google Team. How can you not get warm and fuzzy about Google after that right?

Well, as soon as Google plus came out I have had an account, even before it was open to the public. I really got impressed with it after the hangout feature came it, where you can do a video call with up to 10 people live with 2 way video and unlimited watching live, it’s amazing if you’ve never experienced it give it a try.

Here are two of many great points I learned that you can apply to your business.

1. Facebook is ALL social, for people you already know.
If you are in business it’s important to connect with people outside your sphere of influence, facebook makes up for this with groups that are great and I think the key element to help connect with people you don’t know…but not everyone is active in groups. Also, how do I put this lightly, Facebook’s mobile app is not very good and there is no option to share a post you see.

Google Plus has advanced privacy features with circles that easily by web or mobile share with who you want. There are not the high number of users, but the users there are very interactive and usually friendly…you can reach out and connect with anyone you want without fearing the “facebook slap” of friending someone you don’t know in “real life”

2. Get Found
Facebook search is all internal, and some post are public to search for things you’d like know about…but again facebook is designed for connecting with people who are your friends already, and you want to reach out to new prospective clients…it’s very “social first” on Facebook.

When you post “Public” on google plus your search results are almost instant right on the home page of google. If someone in your “circle” happens to search for something you’ve posted about it will come up on top because it’s more relevant, it’s recommended from someone they are connected to.

Everyone goes to Google first when searching for information, if you are in the Google Plus network you will get found first it’s as simple as that. Google Maps are dominating in search from search by mobile smart phones, and Google Maps has already converted to Google plus Local pages, within Google Plus.

Google Plus is becoming the “hub” of the social search, which is transforming how things are found directly on Google.

I hope this helps in giving you an understand as to when we “google” something, or we say we’ll “google” it, that is a normal communication of going to search for information today….also, don’t feel bad, you’re still early to the party and you don’t have to be a techie…Just like you may not understand how the “internet” works, but you are using it now….make Google Plus a part of your tool box. Starting today I’m going to start making it a bigger part of my sharing instead of Facebook from what I learned yesterday.

If you’d like more posts about using Google Plus to get clients leave a comment below,