Is Sales Evil?

I had the chance to meet with Joe Polish a few weeks ago for lunch, he is a brilliant marketer and we had a conversation about a lot of really interesting things.  I wanted to share this short video with you.

IS SELLING EVIL? This will change the way you look at selling and sales…


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  1. I agree with him. Sales can be really bad. I know m parents never wanted any part of it when it came to me trying to sell magazines for school when I was in middle school. They would not ask any family or coworkers to buy any from me because they did not want them to feel pressured or obligated to buy. I think that is pretty wise. I think if what people are selling is actually going to help someone that that is not bad to sell. Some things really are not helpful or needed, and a salesperson knows it, but they still try to get the other person to buy it so bad. Basically the sales person could careless if you went into debt over this product, they just want you to buy it.

    • I agree that NOTHING is intrinsically good or evil…it’s only HOW it’s USED that causes us to label it as one or the other.

      Manipulative selling that benefits only the seller while hurting the buyer would widely be thought of as evil. This exchange creates more harm than good in the long run.

      On the other hand, if you’re able to align your(sales)self – your business/service/product – with the customer’s needs and wants, you become a problem-solver and a resource. In this instance, more positives than negatives are created in the transaction, so most people would consider this ‘good’.

  2. I think you have to really believe in what you’re selling, and most people pick up on that. That’s what separates the manipulators from the capitalists – well, wait a minute…was Adam Smith hardsell?

    • Haha, ya. Totally agree, belief the the value you are giving them is a greater exchange than their cost. Thx for the comment, u can subscribe to blog updates with the form to the right…giving away a free gift to subscribers tomorrow 🙂

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