It’s Your Life, Live BIG

Here is a short video where you can learn:

  • How To Think Bigger
  • What are good daily habits
  • Achieving Clarity on what you want
  • Associate yourself with a supportive group


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Have you ever got excited about achieving something big, got started and then about 8 days later you realized you were completely off track and wondering….what ever happened to that big thing I wanted to do? ¬†One of my mentors and friends Bill explained an idea to me that completely changed the way I look at achieving big things.


I learned from Bill, we don’t “do big goals”, we do daily actions that create results, then daily results turn into big things over time….that made complete sense to me because I’ve set big goals for myself to be put off to the side because they were to much to start all at once.

Your Dream has to be bigger than your distractions…or road blogs or rejection of people telling you NO, you’re plan won’t work will take you off track….that’s ok, Go For NO!¬† If your skin crawls at the thought of dealing with rejection listen to the Go For No Project 212 call

I was inspired to make this video after finishing the outstanding book by my friend Josh Hinds titled, “It’s your life, Live BIG”, who I’ve had on a project 212 podcast¬†if you want to learn more about Josh, he’s a great guy that has overcome great challenges in his life and is making a positive impact on many people with what he’s achieved.

Enjoy!  Leave a comment with one BIG goal you have for next year, and one SMALL thing you can do to start next week.

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Get a free sample of Josh Hind’s book, “It’s your life, Live BIG” here¬†Live BIG book by Josh Hinds¬†