Do you have the faith required to keep pressing forward to get the results you want?

Are you ready for a breakthrough?  It’s Your Time.

I heard a story recently how a guy was starting on a hiking trail that was supposed to take 3 hours to the summitwhile traveling.  This was claimed to be a difficult hike and the elevation was higher that what he was used to so he got well rested and hydrated the day before so he was ready to take on the challenge.

So, he began his hike feeling full of energy; he started out with a faster than normal pase.  Making his way past other hikers quickly the elevation kept going up.  After about one hour, exhausted, thirsty and out of breath he was thinking to himself….I’m just not cut out for this, it’s only been an hour, I have two hours to go.  He stopped walking and heard an elderly man coming up from behind him, so he waited until he came up behind him and the older man said, “hello”, he replied “hey”, they older man said, “don’t stop now young man, you’re almost there”

All the sudden he had a surge of new energy, a second wind and knew, he was “almost there”.  After about 10 minutes and telling himself over and over, “I’m almost there” he reached the summit.  He was actually only 10 minutes from the summit, not 2 hours.

I’m here to tell you to keep the faith, your goals and dreams are in reach, you are almost there….even if it feels like you are out of breath and out on a ledge.

Don’t back off, keep pressing forward and keep telling yourself, “I’m almost there”….It’s your time.


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