What I learned from Bob Burg’s Success and Influence Seminar

If you have never heard of Bob Burg, he’s the expert on teaching people how to build a network of mutually beneficial win-win relationships that create an endless chain of referrals for your business.  He is also the author of the best selling book, “Endless Referrals” and his newest book, “It’s Not About You”.  I have been reading his books for years but finally got a chance to see his seminar live, meet him in person and have lunch with him and a small group of people last week.

I have to say that I had high expectations for the seminar, but he far exceeded them.  Bob Burg is a true professional and I got a lot out of it, some of the ideas I’ll be sharing over the next few blog posts.  Bob burg also has a great blog with tons of great content.

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Bob Burg covered the 5 laws of stratospheric success.  The first law, which you can also put into place when getting new clients, is the “Law Of Value”

The Law of value says, your true worth to a client is how much more you give in value than you take in payment.  Meaning, you don’t want to beat out the competition on price alone, you have to be the one that adds more value than anyone else.  A great example he gave was if a CPA charges $1000 for his services, but he can clearly explain he’ll be getting them $5000 more back from the IRS than they would otherwise, he’s added $5k of value for only $1k of their money….it just makes sense.

The work you have set out for you is to get better every day in communicating the “value” of what you have to offer, the better you communicate it, the easier the decision will be for them to buy from you.  No need to be pushy, or hard sell, I’ve always disliked pushy sales like that done to me, and don’t want to do that to others

Why don’t we work harder on ourselves, becoming better communicators of our message into the marketplace.  Instead of getting frustrated that you didn’t get a new client, look at what you can do to clearly explain the value you bring, and keep adding value before they become a client, and even after the transaction.  You’ll set yourself far apart from the competition.

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