If you are struggling to get new visitors to your website on a regular basis, and don’t really want to pay for expensive SEO?   Then grab a pen and a paper because I’ll cover three really creative ways to bring new visitors to your website.

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First thing is I want to encourage you to ask other people how they get new visitors to their website, we don’t need to pretend like any of us are total experts…everyone can have ideas we can learn from.

This is what your website traffic should look like right?

Creative Ways To Get More Visitors To Your Website

I had a mastermind call this morning, I personally select some of the brightest and most creative people I know to be a part of my mastermind group and this really got me thinking about some of the ways I’ve used to get a flood of new visitors to my website in the past and would like to share some of these ideas with you here.  If you’d like to join a mastermind discussion, go to 180xCoaching.com and get your membership.

1. Feature other people on your blog.
This is a great way to get new information for your audience, at the same time people like to share other websites they were featured on.  I had my friend Rob on one of my podcasts and he’s had my blog listed on his website; on the same page as Seth Godin and many other incredible business leaders by the way, so obviously I was honored to be listed in his top blogs.  We mutually promote each other.  He had his assistants promote the page and there are great images there his team pinned to pinterest, which brought in lots of visitors.

2.  Get featured on other people’s websites or blogs.  When you get featured on other websites or blogs or you are mentioned people are curious about who you are and they click the link to visit your site.  If it’s a blog make sure you have great fresh new content there.  It’s also better to offer to help another blogger first and ask if they would like to be interviewed or featured on your blog, find ways to promote them first.  Be a go-giver.  If you want to see an example of this look at my podcast, called podcast Project 212.  I have featured a variety of people on my blog from beginner business owners with a passion and a great message to multi-millionaires.

3.  Comment on other blogs, consistently   Most blogs allow you to add your name, email and your website to the comment box.  Leave great value, tips and helpful advice, get engaged in the conversation and community.  Do NOT leave spammy advertisements in your comments, people will not put any value on it and you’ll be looked upon as an newbie.

Like the guy that wears the metallica t-shirt to the concert.  You’re there at the concert dude,why are you wearing the t-shirt.  You are obviously a “new”  fan.  haha, not sure if that applies directly, but you get my point, you look like a newbie blogger and definitely not as a credible expert.

We’ve covered 3 very effective ways you can get new visitors to your blog or website.  Be sure to give value first, offer to help others first before you ask for advice.  I always share other peoples info, events, business, products or add value to them before I ask for any kind of a favor, and if you do something for someone to help them enough, most people will react to want to help you in return.

I’ve heard it said that true success is beyond your own reach, involve other people, lift others up and you’ll rise in influence and leadership at the same time.

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