One term that is thrown around loosly is Social Media Marketing, they think they are using the platform to market to people, and many people don’t know the difference between selling and marketing and they approach it wrong and get poor results.
Here is a new way to think about social media that may increase your results.
Social Media is a term that has become standard to explain the social networking websites such as facebook, myspace, twitter.  It’s a combination of creating new ‘social’ connections as a new form of communication

Social: Remember, it’s a Social situation, like a coctail party.
Media:  multimedia, pictures, visual, video

Real Life: social networking for business has been happening as a part of business forever; it’s a normal part of Free Enterprise to cultivate and strengthen relationships.  These are commonly referred to as happy hour, mixers, or business networking.
Imagine if you meet someone, they hand you a flyer and walk away.  It’s tacky and not effective.
This is called, ‘Social network spamming’
Spam:  a form of unsolicited marketing to you
When people try to obviously sell on Facebook it’s seen as social media spamming.  Especially unsolicited links and sales messages.  Facebook business pages are designed for people to ‘like’ it and give you permission to communicate them, but still people are on facebook for social reasons, not commerce.  The already see ads on the side forced by facebook, they don’t want to also see it in their stream.
So, let’s simply look at this another way.
One of the most powerful forms of marketing is ‘word of mouth’ or referral marketing.
I like to think of Facebook as an extremely powerful way to ‘leverage’ word of mouth marketing; and sales messages don’t get shared word of mouth.  People share things of value or things they like or believe in.
Consider this every time you post on facebook as it relates to your business, look at things you share that relate to other businesses not even thinking you were doing free marketing with word of mouth for them and see what you can learn.
Here is an example of what Not to do:
Many people know I’m well connected in the business community and are aware I know lots of people so I’ll have friends that have something they think I may be able to promote for them, but their mistake, and you may have had this happen to you also, is sending a generic facebook message to me and 40 other people with a sales pitch that looks like their account has been hacked, and several people replied, ‘hey man, just a heads up, looks like your account was hacked’, and he replied, ‘no, I was the one that sent that message out, so check it out’…..I’m sure everyone else that was a bit disgusted by the message and didn’t bother to reply were thinking, “yeah… thanks”.  That is not the impression you want.

“Will the next time I hear from you be when I get a message from your hacked email account?” -click to tweet 

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