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Launches October 16th at 9am EST

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This is a tested sales funnel that will bring you the 

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Take a close look at Online Credibility Pro

A visual element for each feature, some text to explain the benefits plus the sheer number of features make this an effective selling point:

In this manual you'll discover...

  • The number ONE pitfall more than 90-95% of the Internet Marketing novices fall into... and how you can avoid it! (Or if you already fall into this one, I'll show you the way out!)
  • All of what you can exercise with the power of credibility... to YOUR advantage!
  • How to become an "authority figure" in any niche of your choice!
  • How to take your BIG share of the E-Commerce pie even in the turfs dominated by niche leaders and gurus!
  • How to use your immediate expertise to build credibility online!
  • Even if you are NOT an expert (or at least you don't feel that way), how you can become an expert in a sub niche in the fastest time possible!
  • Much More!

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This manual is a 42 page professionally designed downloadable PDF for instant delivery


Included in the front end offer is a brief video overview of the system


The upsell includes further credibility builder training and insights

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1st One Time Offer: Immediately after purchase they will be given a One Time Offer to purchase an additional training module that will give a step by step system to create rapid credibility (check out the sales page here)

After they either accept the One Time Offer or click "no thank you" they will be given instant access to the download page

Get It Done!

"Jeremy has a refreshing get-it-done type personality. He is the kind of person you can count on to make things happen. His motivation and professionalism are top notch"

Robert Patrick, PhD Computing

I was thoroughly impressed

"I was thoroughly impressed with Jeremy’s dedication to his business and more importantly, with helping other folks do well as they grew in their own. He was consistent in his willingness to help and was quick to lend his significant expertise in sales and marketing. He made himself available at any time and proved to be an expert in this challenging field – a true and willing mentor that I would be glad to work with any time in the future.”

Dan Eddinger, Department Head U.S. Navy 

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