The 30-Second Hook That Builds Trust and Rapport

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

August 13, 2014


How does first impression affect your marketing?

It’s everything.  It’s how you build trust and rapport without being physically there in front of them.

Ok, maybe it’s not everything….but I’m going to share some things with you today that may compel you to pay better attention to your first impression because it sets up the rest of your positioning.

What is positioning?

Positioning is how you are positioned to your prospect.  Meaning, are you positioned as a sales person coming after them, or are you positioned as a trusted advisor.

Depending on how “they see you”, not how you think you are coming across will determine how the rest of your marketing process goes.

A few days ago my 5 year old son wanted to go for a bike ride, it was pretty hot here in Scottsdale but he really wanted to get outside so I agreed.

We went our riding around for 30 or 40 minutes and we were going down what is called the “Green Belt”, which is basically a strip of grass that runs along a few parks and golf courses.

On the East Coast I think they call it just “grass”, however, it’s a big deal here so we call it a “green belt”, haha.

Anyway, we came up to a small bridge where the street went over the grass and we rode right under the bridge.  My son was having a good time yelling and hearing his own echo in this small tunnel.

As we passed by I see this chalk drawing of someone that wrote their name

“Allison Photography”….or something like that

Good news was this looks like it was in chalk, so they didn’t want it to be considered as “graphiti” – however this is how most people feel they are promoting what they do

By just plastering the name of their business and what they do

Sure, it’s one form of “getting your name out there”, however what is the impression this gives us?

The Wall

Before I go any further, I’m sure this was some kid with aspirations of a photography business and they were just writing it on the wall to visualize what it might be like…which I think is cool.  It also reminded me of how people who are now “grown up” that do that same thing on their Facebook “Wall”.

I’m sure, if this person hasn’t yet, they will post this same thing on their Facebook Wall…thinking that this is a form of promotion.

Wait…it is promotion.  But let me clarify, effective promotion.

Let me give you this example that I gave to another person just yesterday when helping them with some marketing strategy.

Let’s say you put together a one page flyer about your photography business, on that flyer it talks about “get your headshots, family photos, senior photos, bla, bla, bla”, you do any kind of photos under the sun, gimme a call and a phone number.

What’s the percentage of response?

If you handed that flyer out to 1000 people, the people that would “respond” may be 1% – that may be generous, probably less than 1 percent.

On the other hand, what if you created a flyer that said:

“Attention business people”

“Discover how David, the struggling photographer made one simple change to his business card and got a 300% better reply and transformed his business.

visit: for a free report and learn what he did step by step”

 The next 1000

Now, hand that flyer out to 1000 people and its going to grab some attention with “Business people who have a business card, people named David, photographers, people who want to transform their business, etc.”

It’s Value Driven Marketing by delivering a solution to a problem your target market, or Avatar may have.

Wait, you may be thinking, what could I possibly talk about in the report that would transform someone’s business on a business card?

Consider talking to some people you have done work for, find out what has transformed their business by the work you do, and use a story.

In this example, you could share how when you do professional head shots [using a good photographer] and put the photo on a business card people are 3 times likely to throw it away, and if they have your card around when the timing is right they will call you….therefore transforming your business by getting more clients…just as simple as putting a very professional head shot on your business card.

It also starts with knowing your target audience, which I’ve talked about in previous blog posts on how to go about finding them, and knowing some of the common problems and challenges they face.

You can’t hit a target you can’t see.  When you can clearly see a problem someone has, you can show them how to solve it.  Isn’t that what people really want?  They don’t want a photographer, or insurance, or financial planning…they want to make their life better, feel better about their situation, or solve something in their life.

I hope this has been helpful for you.

-Written by Jeremy C. Jones

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Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones


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