What Paul J. Meyer Says About Your Pursuits

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

January 2, 2013

Have you got some big things you’d like to accomplish this year? You’ve got a fresh new year ahead of you, but you want to be sure your goals don’t fall through the cracks like last year? Well, here are three ideas to keep you in the pursuit of your goals for 2013.

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Commit to virtues

My mentor and friend Bill taught me that we will many times commit to virtues more than we will to tasks or assignments we need to do. Imagine you set a goal to lose weight, and you know you need to exercise 3 times per week. When you look at the box on your calendar and it says “go running 30 minutes” and you have lots to do you may put it off to another day because you’re only committed to the task itself.

What if on the other hand, you take the result you want to losing 20 pounds, making it very specific. You decide that it’s important to you because you want to be able to run around with your kids and not get out of breath and you’re virtue to live by is “Honor”. You want to honor your commitment to your kids to be able to play with them more. If you look on the calendar and see “go running 30 minutes to HONOR my kids” you’re more likely to stay steady. See how that works?

Commit to NOT be a flash in the pan

You can apply this to any area of your life you set goals…let’s use the same example of losing weight. A shallow way of setting this goal would be to say, “I’m going to get a gym membership Monday, work out for 90 minutes every day, 6 days per week”. If that’s not your normal habit, you may go for 3, 4, 5 days, but will probably burn out. It’s too much.

Don’t be afraid to set small steps to create the habits.
Remember to keep them SMART goals, as you may have learned from Paul J. Meyer, author of “Attitude is everything”

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A burning desire

Napolian Hill said it best in his classic book, Think And Grow Rich, “A burning desire is the starting point of all achievement”. It’s easy to say, easier to teach but very difficult to put into practice. You may have some things that you wanted last year but didn’t get them, ask yourself was it a “burning desire”? Probably not.

We usually have amazing persistence and consistency for those things we have a burning desire to have. Ask yourself why you want something. What if you don’t have it? What will it be like if you do get it? If you can see yourself without it and it’s not that big of a deal it’s probably not a “burning desire” it may be more like a “would be nice to have”. Focus on putting a clear manageable plan and set of steps for the things you have more of a burning desire for.

I recently read my friend Kimanzi’s book, “Tales of the everyday working man and woman”. It’s a great story to read of the good, bad and ugly of someone who is very frustrated in a job he hated, where he begins to get apathetic and careless in other areas of his life because of the frustration of this career.

What’s really great about this book is it’s right at the transition time of his life where he was able to go from struggling to selling over 70,000 ebooks online and really turning his life around. Now he does what he loves and writes for a living. You can hear his story on our podcast discussion, get access on the box to the right.

I remember when I first wanted to start my online business I had a burning desire to find something I could do, that is really profitable and works, dabbled in a few things until I really nailed it and was in the right place at the right time to meet some people who have been mentors to me and get started in the right direction.

Sometimes when you’re MOVING it’s easier to find direction.
You can’t steer a parked car.

If you are looking for a home based business to start this month I’d be glad to offer advice or answer questions, email me at info@AskJeremyJones.com.

Kimanzi also began a serious pursuit and had a burning desire. He invested money to put up his website, design his book cover, have it edited and with all this money invested struggled to sell only a handful of books in his first few months…you can hear more about the story on the podcast [the box to the right of this page].

If you are in a job you are really dissatisfied with, check out Kimanzi’s book, you’ll really be able to relate with him and for sure follow his blog TalesOfWork.com, he puts out some great content there.

Stop by and check out Kimanzi’s books at KimanziConstable.com and look for his first published book around May 2013.

Remember when you are in the pursuit of great achievement have a burning desire, start out with a reasonable daily routine to develop new habits and commit those new habits to virtues that are important to you when you schedule them in your calendar.

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Jeremy C. Jones, a proud military veteran, is also a family man and entrepreneur who lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona. His accomplishments include being a four-time #1 Best-Selling Author on Amazon, hosting the popular podcast “Ideas That Make an Impact,” establishing The Book District, and founding and serving as CEO at Jones Media Publishing.

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