Think the impossible

will Flying cars every be possible?  [what would you answer?]

My buddy Gary Vaynerchuk did a keynote about 6 months ago about how Pinterest would be huge and everyone looked at him with total confusion.  Now Pinterest has more traffic than several of the major social networks combined and it’s got a huge buzz right now.  Can Gary predict the future?  NO, he just sees some of the trends and needs in the marketplace and talk about the possibilities.   The whole idea behind why he saw Pinterest as having great potential because we all want to connect with other people; which Facebook helped us to do that, but now we get blasted with so much content we want “context” to our social networks.  What specific things are we interested in, Pinterests allows you to connect with other people based on interests and easily share.

What if you could get 1 new client per day in your business because you have a system in place to do it, and you did it in half the time it took you to get 1 new client per week?  Impossible?  With all the leverage we can get with the internet, it doesn’t replace our efforts it just gives us leverage.

Start to think outside the box of what others would consider impossible.

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