Now that you’re here…I’m going to share with you how you can totally and completely avoid failure.

Actually you Can’t.  Did I ruin the surprise too early.

Actually you can avoid the “feeling” of failure, or viewing it as failure….or bouncing back from what seems like failure.

Did I fail and delivering this reality?  Or did I succeed at it?

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Here’s how I look at it, most people are in two groups….someone who views situations looking for the positive, or the other will just look for the negative.

Here’s a quick exercise:

There are 600 Lives of people are at stake….

Group 1 – 100 lives will be saved, how many lives are at stake?

Group 2 – 100 lives are lost, how many lives are saved?

Without thinking about it too long…what is your answer?

People either move closer to pain, or avoid pleasure.

Most people also think you either fail, or you success….when the reality is that in order to get to success you have to move through, past, under, over, or crush failure….to get to success.

What comes first, matters.

The two groups question is simply a test of how you view the situation, the answer for both is 500.  In a study it when people saw the negative of 100 lives lost, putting negative FIRST it put them in a negative frame of reference and took them twice as long [about 11 seconds] to answer the simple math problem.

I learned about this study today when a friend and collegue Greg shared this video with me….it’s really great, enjoy.

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Question: What practices do you use to get yourself in a positive mindset in the morning?