What if there were a way for someone else to promote your product or service for Free?  There are many ways to create win-win situations for this to happen, one simple way to do it is called a “cross-promotion”.  Today I’ll share with you some ideas how you can run a cross-promotion and have other people promote your business for you without paying them.

First, let’s start with a great wikipedia definition:
“Cross-promotion may involve two or more companies working together in promoting a service or product, in a way that benefits both.” read more…

We see cross-promotion every day, not even realizing that’s what they are.  One example on the wiki-pedia page is how Burger King does a cross promotion with Disney in that Disney provides the toys in the kids meal to promote a new movie coming out, and it’s added value to the kids meal for Burger King and free advertising for Disney.  Talk about a win-win right?

Another example is showing in the featured image in this post.  Mountain Dew promoting Dark Knight Rises on their can, maybe running a contest or something on the other side, or just for awareness of the movie in branding.

Ok, well you may be thinking….I don’t have the leverage of BK or Disney, what can I do?

Let’s say you are an event planner and you want to run a cross promotion.  You do wedding event planning and want to find people that are getting ready to have a wedding.  One thing you could do is partner with a jeweler, where the couple might go to get a wedding ring.  Studies have shown the first place a couple goes when getting married is to a jeweler…this is great information to know.

You could offer a coupon for $100 off wedding planning for anyone that purchases a ring from this jeweler.  Now when someone goes by and says, well we like this ring, but want to shop around they could offer a FREE $100 off coupon for their wedding planning services when they purchase and this may push them off the fence to choose this jeweler over any of the other ones.  This can be applied to any other vendors to wedding needs.

Think of how you can do cross promotions with other small business owners in your local area.  This creates a win-win situation, you may add value to your product/service by adding a coupon for them or they may be promoting for you, the possibilities are endless!

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