The most important lesson I learned from Seth Godin in his books, every one I’ve read has been outstanding by the way, is that marketing is all about getting permission to communicate and it starts with small commitments.

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Maybe you are frustrated with going to networking events and getting no results, no customers, no orders and a stack of business cards with no one who cares.  I’d like to help change your perspective on what your goal at a networking event may be here…

Starting with small commitments goes for all personal and business relationships.

You would never go to a social event, meet someone for the first time and ask if they can help you move your stuff into your new house…it’s too soon, why would they do that for you when you just met.  However asking a friend who you’ve invested into, fed their dog while they were away on vacation, helped at a BBQ, was a part of their wedding and spend all day with their boring relatives and ate dry cake may consider it.  When they had a baby and invite you over to dinner and you’ve kissed their baby, now that’s a friend!  Sure, they’ll help you move if you ask.

Now I’m not saying you have to do all those things before you add value to someone, I’m painting a picture for you of investing into others.

If you attend a networking event and you bring a stack of brochures with a plan of attack to throw them like ninja stars to see which ones stick…this may be why you are frustrated with networking events.  It’s like meeting someone and asking if they want to come help you move, or if you can borrow their car, it’s too fast! You start with a basic relationship first.

Many people think they learn an elevator pitch to strike a home run and have someone give them their credit card and become a client by the time the elevator goes from the first floor to the fifth floor.  It’s not.  Let’s can the elevator pitch.

The elevator pitch is not to sell your stuff….it’s to sell the appointment. [small commitment]

I’m going to encourage you to get rid of your elevator pitch and create a “value statement”.  Learn more about value statements from my podcast with Bob Burg.


I agree with Seth about the elevator speech, if you haven’t read his books take a look at them on his website, I highly recommend them.  Read about this blog post topic directly from Seth Godin Here.

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