Looking for an easy button, one click to market your business.  I was too, and this is what I found…

Sorry if this is too much of a disappointment, but there isn’t one…

Even all the claims to get you on “page one of Google” won’t get you the easy button you’re looking for.

What I’ve discovered is that when you are starting out you should start “passive” marketing your business with Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, YouTube, etc…this is a long term plan that works over time very well.

flickr and facebook

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You should also do “active” marketing ASAP if you want results now.

If you are not in a hurry to get a bunch of new clients, this may not apply to you.

But if you could use an extra 3-5 clients fast, it’s time to get busy by actively engaging new prospects.

I know, it’s that uncomfortable place to be in that is not glamorous, but if you create a simple marketing system that is rejection free and you use Value Driven Marketing you can put passive marketing into place, but actively promote it.

What that looks like…

Take your idea customer….what is the problem you solve in their life?

What if you could help to give them info to solve their problem even before you ask for their credit card?

would that build rapport…..yes.

would that build trust…..oh yes.

would that build credibility…..for sure.

What if you called someone up you may “THINK” has a problem your business could solve, but when you talk to them they say they don’t have any urgency to spend money on your service you could offer them something of value rather than just turning them away….you could also keep in touch via email, with a systematic process of follow up.

If they see you are more interested in solving their problem that getting money from them who do you think they will send referrals to any time they hear of someone with the same need?

They may even refer them to your website to get value, just like they did….when is the last time someone sent someone to your website without you asking them to?  With Value Driven Marketing you are making it EASY for people to send you referrals.

For more on Value Driven Marketing, come join me and a group of other people this Saturday