Are you frustrated with your results in talking with lots of potential clients but no one is buying? The first thing you want to identify is what you actually want to accomplish.Most Realtors or any independently self-employed professionals just fire-hose their audience, thinking if they just post enough posts on facebook and get enough exposure; new clients will come running.  Unfortunately for them, that’s just not true.

#1 Reason Your Marketing Fails

I learned a very valuable lesson from Michael Port that teaches service professionals how to get booked solid; Marketing alone does not get you new clients, it only creates awareness of your business.  Unless someone already knows you, likes you, trusts you and has a burning desire for your product then they may contact you if it’s easy and convenient for them.  If that has been your strategy you may expect a very poor response rate, not something to look forward to.

Marketing alone does not get you new clients

Sure, some of their marketing will come directly from their online efforts, but for the most case they need to get on the phone and talk with people that are qualified.  The number one reason they fail is they casting a giant net out there with their marketing with no specific target market in mind.  If your target is anyone you’ll get no one.  You must get specific to your exact target client and make all your marketing a solution to their need.  If someone ask you who would be an ideal client for you and your response is “anyone”, you may start getting better results when you get more specific.  After all, how will people know to send referrals to you if your just looking for anyone.  If you hired a copywriter to write about your ideal on your website would you tell them to just write about anything that comes to their mind…..not likely 🙂  Chances are you are not at the top of mind for people who could be sending you referrals either.

I have a friend that has been in Real Estate for over 10 years and is an expert in online marketing, in fact he teaches workshops on the topic and he says less than 15% of his clients come from someone that contacts him from Facebook.  Many people see that Facebook has over 700 million members and they begin to salivate at the potential of growing their business, and yes I agree there is a lot of potential there, but we have to treat every person as an individual, not as Facebook prospects.  You need to put yourself in the position of your potential new clients.  You are a problem solver, resolving the need of your ideal customer.

Now You Know Who You Are

 Think about what you are promoting and marketing.  Think to yourself, if I was [your target perfect client] would I find value in this or would this solve my problem.  If no, re-think your strategy.  Next, as soon as they do find value, have a way they can take action or give them something free in exchange for their email address.  Most people search online for information the first time, they purchase when they return after they trust you.


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